SUSSEX, WI-  At a loss for words on the situation, Woodside Elementary School gym teacher and 7th grade soccer coach Eric Heltz expressed his concern and bewilderment regarding a student’s bizarre, deranged tendency to intentionally make his own nose bleed at soccer practice.

“Yeah, don’t really know what to do about that,” Heltz said, pausing to collect his thoughts. “It’s disturbing to say the least. He’ll stand off in the corner while we do our cone drills and just shake his head and body wildly, flexing every muscle in his torso until his nose stars bleeding,” he continued. “I’ve never tried to get him to stop really, I’ll say his name a couple times sort of just to check on him, but he’ll just sit there wide-eyed with a big smile with actual blood coming out of his nose.”

The young man in question, a third grader named Samuel, has apparently ruined countless yellow mesh practice pinnies with his odd habit, according to Heltz.

“I think the other kids are too scared to say anything to him, so he doesn’t really get picked on,” Heltz said. “I have no idea if his parents know about it. You’d think they would. He gets this really creepy look on his face when the blood finally gets going, and you’ve got to imagine that there’s no way this can be healthy,” he continued. “At the end of the day, though, he seems content just doing this every practice, so who knows. I don’t have any idea what to do.”

When asked for comment on his teams recent 3-0 victory in their scrimmage against Maple Avenue Elementary, Samuel opened his mouth as wide as he could, pulling the yellow pinnie up over the top of his head while staring off into the distance, saying nothing.