MUNICH- In a statement released early Friday morning, German luxury vehicle company BMW announced to the public that they will be adding turn signal features to all automobiles manufactured in 2018.

“We cannot apologize enough to drivers across the world who have been affected by the lack of turn signal usage in our vehicles for the past several decades,” said group Deputy Chairman Manfred Schoch, announcing the company’s first ever installment of the safety feature. “We recognize the great inconvenience we have caused many of you but can assure you that all BMW vehicles produced in the future will have top-of-the-line turn signals, so you will know where the drivers of our cars are going at all times.”

BMW also stated that they will not be recalling any vehicles at this time, and again apologized to any and all drivers of “inferior machines” who may have been cut off by a production BMW vehicle in the past 50 or so years.