ARLINGTON, TX – (June 5, 2016)

Visibly exhausted after hitting a ground-rule double during his third plate appearance of the game, multiple sources confirmed yesterday that Texas Rangers designated hitter Prince Fielder was, without question, eating an entire tray of nachos while at second base during the team’s game against the Seattle Mariners last June.

“To be honest, I’m not sure if he hid them in his pocket before the at-bat, or what,” Rangers manager Jeff Banister said, recalling the game from the 2016 season. “Maybe (first base coach) Héctor (Ortiz) handed the tray to him while he was rounding first, I’m honestly not sure. But listen, at the end of the day, Prince had a phenomenal career for us at the plate and he was a great guy to have in the clubhouse as well,” said Banister, reflecting on Fielder’s career. “Other than continuously having to send one of our bat boys up into the stands to get concessions for him in-between innings, I’d say he was one of my favorite players to have around in the dugout,” he said.

Fielder, who was forced to retire later in the 2016 season due to career-ending herniations in his neck, was disappointed but also relieved that he would no longer have to endure the “exhausting” task of playing first base during away games against teams in the National League.