White Supremacist groups have taken to the streets of America in recent months to voice their noble opinions about the world. The Layman breaks down some of the positive and negative aspects about these people and their viewpoints in this week’s Upside/Downside.


White Supremacists




   -Single-handedly keeping Arby’s in business.

   -Practice eco-conscious culinary habits such as reusing hot dog water.

   -Capable of frequently gathering in large numbers thanks to Walmart’s flexible work hours.

   -Make you feel remarkable about your self/body.

   -Pretty solid representation of GED programs nationwide.





   -Yet to figure out sleeves.

   -Under false impression that Jesus is rooting for them.

   -Missing large percentage of teeth, hair, dignity, etc.

   -Strict “no deodorant” policy can be overwhelming at times.

   -Struggle immensely with fancy book-learnin’.

   -Lots of inner-family relationship drama.

   -Unable to access world wide web or rational thought.

   -Support fascism and frequently behave like complete and total assholes.