Kenosha, WI

Stating that he has been “hyped” to get his hands on a pair of the new Retro Jordan VII sneakers, local Wendy’s employee Brandon Greene confirmed Wednesday that he is only 33 more hours of work away from being able to make the purchase.

“They’re so dope,” Greene said, scrolling through pictures of the coveted shoes on his iPhone 7 plus. “I’ve been wanting to get these for a minute, and as soon that check comes in, I gotta do it,” he stated.

Greene, who spent nearly half of his net-worth on a limited edition “Supreme” hooded sweatshirt last month, expressed that he one day hopes to have a closet full of all different kinds of apparel, including a variety of Jordan brand sneakers.

“These ones are super clean too,” he said, showing off a picture of the soon to be released Air Jordan 9’s, priced at $285. “Man, I gotta get these ASAP as well,” Greene said.

At press time, Greene was seen asking a manager if he could potentially leave work early this coming Friday, as he is scheduled until 5 but is supposed to pick his daughter up from school that day.