Witnesses confirmed that CBS Football Commentator Tony Romo spent the majority of Thursday at Marcus Theatres of Green Bay, giving away details of upcoming scenes to the entire theatre of moviegoers at the premiere of DC’s new blockbuster film “Justice League.”

“He’s been here all day,” Marcus Theatres employee Tyler Hadley confirmed, stating that Romo had bought tickets to every single one of the theatre’s opening showings nearly weeks in advance. “I think he’s seen it four or five times already. He got here for the 2:30 and he’s stayed in the same theatre for the next three or four showings. I honestly don’t know if the guy thinks he’s somehow helping? Or maybe he just gets off on ruining it for other people in the audience,” Hadley said. “Yeah, who knows. But he’s in there again right now, that I can tell you.”

Romo, who allegedly spent all afternoon exclaiming his thoughts and predictions in the moments before every crucial scene, was apparently unaware or indifferent to the fact that the majority of people around him had no interest in him sharing all of his previously observed foreshadowings.

“Cyborg’s gotta get to cover here, Jim,” said Romo, pointing at the screen. “They’re trapping him- You see it? It’s an inside-out trap. He’s gotta find a way to get to the outside quickly here, or be able to just get himself out of firing range.”

The other patrons, all of which who were seemingly hesitant to shush to the former quarterback, were frustrated after enduring nearly 185 minutes of prematurely-exposed plot points.

“What a colossal douche,” moviegoer Jeff Nowak said, attending the film with his brother and two kids. “Nobody cares about your input, dude. Nobody. Could you just let us watch what we’re trying to watch and shut the hell up?” he asked hypothetically. “God. Fuck that guy.”

As the plot thickened and the climax approached, Romo was quick to remind others  in the audience about previous characters plot points that he thinks could come back and have an impact on the upcoming scene, or ones they may have forgotten about.

“This is bad right here, folks” Romo stated, moments before a final key battle scene commenced. “Gotta remember they’re not at full strength right now, so they’re gonna have to think of something big here if they want to get that last Mother Box,” he stated. “I wouldn’t count out Superman coming back just yet- but they still need to find away to get themselves inside the base from a different angle,” said Romo. “Everything’s blocked off to the right, so you’ve got to know your reads here. It they could just get past that last row of Parademons coming up it would be huge for them, Jim.”

At press time, Romo was seen outside of the theatre talking to guests after the movie, explaining in detail to them once again about his experiences acting in DirecTV commercials.